Door and Window Headers

Door and window headers and rough buck systems are installed at various times during the wall installation process depending on their location and height. It is generally preferred to construct all windows and doors bucks ahead of time and mark their locations and sizes clearly on the buck. Often it is beneficial to assign each opening a sequential letter or number to coincide with letters or numbers marked on the slab or wall as described earlier. However, this should be in addition to location information, sizes and sill/ header heights.

Door Bucks

Door bucks should be installed before first coursing occurs and braced plumb, level and square as shown. Bracing can be made of metal or dimensional lumber but should always be screwed to buck to make removal easier.


Headers over doors and windows can typically be installed in two ways:

  1. Wood or steel beams can be installed to support the block wall above the opening, as shown in figure 6.1. These supports should be sized by a professional engineer.
  2. Install bond beam blocks over the opening as per engineer’s report and allow the steel reinforced concrete bond beam(s) to carry the load of the wall above, as shown in figure 6.2.