Finishing Top of Wall

Every effort should be made to finish the top of the ThermoBlock forms to be as straight and level as possible. Care should also be taken to finish the bond beam at top of wall as smoothly as possible.

Setting of the anchoring system for the roof should be called out in the engineering report as to type, length, frequency and methodology. This is typically “wet stabbed” into the concrete before it is cured, but can also be tied to the vertical rebar in the wall system or the horizontal rebar in the bond beam. It is important to determine the plate thickness (when applicable) and set anchor to accommodate that thickness. ThermoBlock rents a wall capturing, tie-down and bracing system if desired. Consult with a certified installer in your area for pricing and use instructions PRIOR to commencement of construction since additional steps not covered in the general guidelines are required.

Ledger Conditions

The preferred method for attachment and support of framed floor systems is with a ledger that is attached to the side of the wall system. The method of attachment is typically with an embedded anchor bolt. Sizing of these anchor bolts and the frequency with which they occur should be specified by a licensed engineer. In the event that another type of embedded anchor or clip is utilized, the clip should be approved by the engineer of record on the project.

When installing ledger systems, it is important for the area immediately around the embedded anchor bolt to have concrete all the way to the surface of the block, allowing ledger members to be tightened against concrete and not foam.

The ledger material can be wood or metal, depending on the floor system used, but generally engineered wood products are used. Floor joists are then hung from the ledger with approved Hangers.

ThermoBlock makes a plastic insert that can be installed in a 3” diameter hole drilled in the side of the block with the anchor bolt in the center of it. If larger surface area is required simply cut out the desired shape in the side of the block and attach plywood to the surface of the block to hold anchor bolt in place and allow concrete to come to the surface of the block. Anchor bolts should be tied to horizontal rebar adjacent to the ledger and bond beams should always be present at the ledger conditions.